Meet your visual clarity agency.


Working directly with you as a front-line partner, we REWIRE the enterprise with visual storytelling language, tools, and assets to achieve new levels of engagement, connection, and capacity for change through authentic communications.

You can think of us as your visual clarity coach. We work through the big transformation challenges with you, co-creating and evolving the best visual stories to deliver the right business outcome.








Over the past twenty-five years, Digital Roam Inc has lead hundreds of visual clarity, strategy, and communications projects for leaders at many of the most dynamic organizations on earth.




The Opportunity: is one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing enterprise Artificial Intelligence companies. Founded in 2016 with a $15 Million Series A investment round from TPG, had grown rapidly and was ready for a Series B round. The trick? With more than one thousand new AI start-ups in the Bay Area, all seeking the same investment dollars, how do you truly differentiate in a crowded and confusing market? The Digital Roam answer: Visual clarity to win.

The Digital Roam Approach:

Working directly with the entire executive team, we crafted a series of visually-driven working sessions that forced the clearest and most singular visions to the surface. Through our co-created pictures, we showed immediately what AI really is, how does it differently, and why any of this matters to complex enterprises in highly competitive markets. The result was a visually-rich story unlike any traditional investor pitch: fast, vivid, simple, intuitive, and memorable.

The Outcome: $35 Million Series B

Using this pitch as their story-driven foundation, the team was able to secure $35 million from Dell Technologies Capital and TPG Growth.




The Opportunity:

It’s no secret that healthcare in the United States is insanely complicated, always changing, and a minefield of political passions. With the nation tearing itself apart over the simple terms “healthcare reform,” Digital Roam Inc decided to see if visual clarity might illuminate non-partisan reality and defuse some of the biggest bombs.

The Digital Roam Approach:

Working closely with Dr. Tony Jones (Reuters, Scient, Phillips Healthcare, Frontive Health), we locked ourselves in a whiteboard-walled room and didn’t leave until we’d parsed our way through 1,400 pages of healthcare legislation, capturing essential themes as simple sketches. Three days later, we emerged with 57 drawings that made up a single, simple, understandable story. We uploaded the file to, where it has received more than five million views.

The Outcome: Fox News, The White House, and “The World’s Greatest Presentation”

Once the comments stared rolling in, our drawings took on a life of their own. Dan was invited to present the first ten slides live on Fox News in NY, then received an invitation to share the Digital Roam process with the White House Office of Communications under then-President Obama. Back in San Francisco, Dan then received notice that the slides had just been named, The World’s Greatest Presentation by BusinessWeek.




The Opportunity:

In terms of inventions, patents, and products, GE is arguably the most innovative company in history. And GE isn’t slowing down; in fact, GE Research has just launched FORGE, one of the most innovative concept incubators in modern business. The hard part is getting people to understand quickly what makes the FORGE WAY so unique.

The Digital Roam Approach:

Digital Roam has a long history of leading visual clarity programs for GE engineering leaders, so we felt right at home stepping into the FORGE. Working with FORGE leadership, we crafted a single enormous wall-sized visual map that illustrates the FORGE WAY as an innovation game board. With color-coded branching paths, multiple decision-points, and clear feedback loops, the map provides immediate guidance to mission teams both brand-new and product-ready.

The Outcome:

You got to admit, it’s pretty cool to see your map printed from wall-to-wall… and even better to see mission teams marking it up in real time to share concept status. Visual clarity really works… enough said. :-)