Show & Tell

Show & Tell - How everyone can make extraordinary presentations
Show & Tell - How everyone can make extraordinary presentations

How to make an extraordinary presentation:
1) Tell the truth.
2) Tell it with a story.
3) Tell the story with pictures.

For most of us, giving a presentation is a nerve-wracking process. But it doesn’t have to be. In my short and simple new book, I’ll show you how presenting can be a whole lot of fun. How? Just remember the basic steps of show and tell.

I distilled twenty years of my own presentations into this book, from Google talks to the NSA, from Kraft Foods to Boeing, from IDEO to the White House. I introduce an entirely new set of simple tools that guarantee your presentation will be extraordinary in any setting.

Whether you’re a confident speaker or a constant worrier (I’m both), I’ll show you how to:

- Know your audience before you meet them
- Nail your message through a clear storyline
- Create simple pictures in minutes
- Learn not to worry

And I’ll help you master the three fundamental rules:

  • When we tell the truth, we connect with our audience, we become passionate, and we find self-confidence.
  • When we tell a story, we make complex concepts clear, we make ideas unforgettable, and we include everyone.
  • When we use pictures, people see exactly what we mean, we captivate our audience’s mind, and we banish boredom.

From nailing your opening lines to leaving a lasting impression, you’ll soon be giving the performance of a lifetime . . . time after time.

Show & Tell - How everyone can make extraordinary presentations
Show & Tell by Dan Roam
Show & Tell by Dan Roam
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“A simple, beautiful, and important book. An absolute must-read.”

author of Presentation Zen

“This deceptively simple little book is a must-read for seasoned presenters and novices alike.”

author of Getting Things Done