Napkin tools: now downloadable!

Ever since The Back of the Napkin appeared, people have been asking me for download-friendly versions of the key visual thinking tools I introduce. So due to popular request, here they are; high-resolution PDF files for:

The Visual Thinking Toolkit. (A visual summary of all the lessons in the book.)

The Visual Thinking Codex. (The master checklist for creating any problem-solving picture; a combination of the SQVID and the <6><6> Rule.)

The SQVID. (The five questions that get your mind’s eye kicked into gear.)

The <6><6> Rule. (The six ways we see mapped to the only six pictures we need to be able to draw.)

For anyone who asked for these — THANKS. I hope they’re useful for you.

If you don’t know what these charts mean, let me tell you about this book I wrote… :-)

UPDATE: These tools can now be downloaded at my website:


6 thoughts on “Napkin tools: now downloadable!

  1. Dan,
    Outstanding meeting today with Elizabeth et al… I really appreciated your view of the neuroscience aspect of visualization leading to communication and effective action.
    As a neuroscientist who regularly finds remarkable and evocative communication enhancement with the patients in the process of using brain pictures – it does unlock new channels.
    My new challenge: rethink how I teach these brain pictures to others!
    You all have been most helpful, your book will be loaded in my blog library, and I will order it today – thanks again,

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