I discovered something that could change your business: hand-drawn videos


As a fellow visual-thinker, I wanted to share with you an update and special discount on my Udemy.com hand-drawn video course. I launched the course two weeks ago and already have 200 students — and the reviews are great:

“Really empowering! This course makes me feel I can do this too. Everything is explained in detail and with concrete examples. Very inspiring.” 5 Stars

“Short lectures and easy to understand! It is great fun to start making hand-drawn videos just after some lectures.” 5 Stars

“The lessons are great because they are simple and fun. Dan keeps things focused on sharing ideas in a simple way. One of the best courses on Udemy!” 5 Stars

Here’s the backstory: Two years ago, I made a simple discovery which has had an extraordinary impact on my business: hand-drawn videos. Hand-drawn videos are are magnetic to viewers, typically attracting twice the audience of a talking-head video of the same message. And they are easy to make using just PowerPoint and simple screen-recording software. Last year alone, hand-drawn videos added $150,000 to my business revenue!

Hand-drawn whiteboard videos are clear and authentic animations that make your marketing, sales, and educational messages come alive. For cognitive and neuro-mechanical reasons we will explore, these videos are like catnip to the human mind. And the best part is: you can make these videos by yourself using with no previous animation experience and using basic software that you probably already have.

Let me repeat that: with no cameras, no lights, no studio, no on-screen stress, and no hired animators, you can create uniquely powerful and memorable videos that audiences can’t stop watching. 

To share this discovery with the visual-thinking community, I spent last year developing a complete training course that explains every single step required to create these videos using PowerPoint and a simple screen-capture app called Camtasia. I tested and refined the course for six months with 300 students at my napkinacademy.com. And now I’m releasing the course through Udemy.com, just for you.

Today, I’m offering you Lifetime access to the course as a Launch Student for 50% off. (Save $100! Normally this course costs $199, but sign up now and pay only $99.) Be sure to take advantage of this discount while it lasts. (Through October 31, 2015.) Here is where you can get your 50% off discount:


In this course, we’ll be covering:

  • The two pieces of basic software you’ll need to create your own videos.
  • Learn to create your first hand-drawn video in less than four minutes.
  • See how to use the basic animation tools of PowerPoint to visualize your thoughts.
  • Use my video checklist to review your clip before you upload to YouTube (or any other video site).

I put my best teaching to use in this course, so you’ll learn through a combination of video lessons delivered by me, real life examples and case studies, quizzes to check your progress, and plenty of printable supplemental material.

I look forward to seeing you in the course. Feel free to forward this to friends and colleagues who would benefit!

All the best,




4 thoughts on “I discovered something that could change your business: hand-drawn videos

  1. Dear Mr. Dan Roam:

    We are in China and now writing to you with the hope to be a strategic partnership with you, to enlarge China’s training market together.

    A chance by accident, We read your two books The Back Of The Napkin and What To Do When Words Don’t Work, then dig and cling to them. The innovative ideas and available system of solving business problems visual let me admire very much, and found a huge potential market in China.

    I have seen interesting graffiti types of training programs and colorful mind maps in drawing display in China training circle, but I felt they were still staying in a current situation show, not going deeply into analyzing and solving business issues, also not forming a systematic mode of thinking and method for dissecting business problems in a special and thorough way. The six ways of seeing and the “SQVID” make it most important combination of analysis and intuition, value innovation and customer perspective, system concept and practical application.

    In China, there are two ways available to open up the market. The first is the training market. Napkins series course with its innovative forms, clear value concept and problem solution innovation, have a very large potential market. The second is the practical market consulting. Napkins series course go further to analysis of the case and the result of the image display, which can help the enterprise to consulting projects of analyzing problems and results showing.

    Hope to have the opportunity to communicate with you in more details, also hope to be the only strategic partner of napkins series course in China, developing into the Chinese market together.

    Look forward to your early reply. Our email address is 15811154885@163.com.

    Tianya Li, Jinlu Guo & Maggie Guo

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  3. Thanks for sharing the valuable information here. So i think i got some useful information with this content. Thank you and please keep update like this informative details.

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