A guaranteed way to get your team drawing, fast!

I was in Texas last week. I lead a multinational financial services company through my half-day visual training seminar. They loved it, and asked how they might quickly get colleagues around the world to start drawing more.

I suggested a quick visual exercise I call, “The Double-Venn Drill.” It goes like this:

The Double-Venn Drill
This is a very good introduction to getting people to put pen to paper, and has zero intimidation factor.

The Objective: Get people comfortable with the idea of drawing out their thinking using simple shapes, and then using that drawing as a conversation starter.

The Benefit: Easy to do in 5 minutes, minimal training or set-up required, serves as a great visual ice-breaker, gets people ready for more complex visualizations.

The Double-Venn Drill


  1. Hand out sheets of paper and pens.
  2. Ask people to fold their sheet in half, then open it up, to create two equal panels (left and right).
  3. On the left side, ask people to draw three intersecting circles, then label them with the three most important things they do at work.
  4. Give them two minutes.
  5. When panel one is complete, ask people to draw three more intersecting circles on the right side, and label them with the three most important things they do in their personal lives, outside of work.
  6. Give two more minutes.
  7. Ask people to share their diagrams, explaining what they show — both professional and personal.

I’ve used this quick exercise as a starting point in my seminar for years. It is always a fun way to get the day started.

Give it a try at your next team offsite! (And let me know how it goes.)



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