5 ways a stick figure will help you keep your job. (ABC News)

While I was in New York last week, ABC News asked me to stop by their studio and share how the act of making simple drawings helps us think through scary issues in a non-scary way. The scariest business issue for most people today? How to keep your job. So that’s what I drew.

Check out my job-saving stick figures in this clip.

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3 thoughts on “5 ways a stick figure will help you keep your job. (ABC News)

  1. Hey Dan,

    That’s a neat clip :) Just out of curiosity, was the woman in a different studio/city?

    By clearly knowing why you’re irreplaceable, and helping others on an ongoing basis, you are almost assured to keep your job!

    Thx for the share,


  2. I agree with Matt, this is fantastic, Dan. (Also a bit curios as to the interview setup :D )

    This could also apply to entrepreneurs and the audiences they serve, or interacting with their teams.

    Great stuff man. Really impressive!

  3. Hi Dan,

    I cannot see how this can do what you said it would.
    What does drawing a picture of me as a stick figure really have to do with my keeping my job. I did listen and hear what you said and on the whole I agree with your Blahx3 thinking… I just didn’t get this it was a bit of Blah Blah for me sorry… Just feeding it back… Not right or wrong just not clear to me…


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